What is Droneography?


The art of capturing video and photo from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone.

Aerial photography isn’t new, actually there were aerial images taken of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco back in 1906. Back then, these images were sold for $15,000…today that would be close to $350,000.

These first images were taken using multiple kites strung together with a camera attached…how far have we come.

The introduction of Drones by the US Armed Forces to fight in the Gulf and Middle East have had the biggest impact on what people believe in drones. They are there to “spy”on us.

This really isn’t the case….all of the time. For some, it’s an extension of the creative side in which we now get the birds eye view. How excited do you get flying into a new city, like Sydney for example. Looking at the city, the harbour and the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Now for a fraction of the cost of a specialized and dedicated flight in a plane or helicopter you or I can capture amazing imagery by walking outside any time of the “day”.

Who is Droneography

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