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For the past few decades for any real estate aerial imagery you had to use a miniature hot air balloon, expensive plane hire or in some case a remote control plane.

With real estate imagery has always specialised on the interior and exterior aspects of a property.

Today the use of a drone or quadcopter or UAV is making real estate aerial photography less expensive and easier to source to capture those perspectives that really make a property stand out.

Droneography is Brisbane based, that covers South East Queensland for real estate aerial imagery. We are specialist that provide out of this world imagery at grounded prices. Our aircraft include:

DJI Phantom 4 Professional, which is a Sub 2kg quadcopter with 4K UHD video and 20 mega pixel stills. It utilises a 3 axis gimbal so your video/photos will be stable, crisp and vibrant.
This same system enables us to see what we are shooting in real time.

DJI Inspire 1 v2.0, this professional machine is used in Hollywood to capture some amazing footage for TV, movies and commercials. Also featuring a 3 axis gimbal except it provides full 360deg rotation.

As a one man band, we can provide the perfect solution for all of your listings….not just the $1,000,000+

Droneography works closely with other pilots and ground crew to provide you the best possible experience and amazing images for your listings, being either Residential, Commercial, Construction or Industrial.

Real Estate Aerial Imagery for South East Queensland and beyond

Servicing not only Brisbane, we offer real estate aerial imagery services to:

Sunshine Coast
Gold Coast
Tweed Coast
Darling Downs
Wide Bay, and beyond

Contact us today for our introductory offer into the world of real estate aerial imagery.