Brisbane Aerial Imagery

Droneography is a Brisbane aerial imagery service with a sister business retailing DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire unmanned aerial vehicles / UAV / drone / quadcopter. We want to help you drone Brisbane!!!

Flying in Brisbane aerial imagery is relatively straight forward, however as per most capital cities have its restrictions. To fly commercially in Australia, businesses require to be licensed with CASA to ensue all pre/post flight safety procedures are followed including maintenance, training and flight plans.

Where Brisbane Aerial Imagery is not viable:

Beyond this we need to ensure that we fly in designated airspace and don’t encroach into designated zones or flight paths.
We are restricted with some Brisbane aerial imagery in and around these areas (to name only a few):
• Hamilton
• Ascot
• Bulimba
• Oxley
• Ipswich

Droneography brisbane aerial imagery no fly zone

These suburbs are restricted due to the Brisbane Domestic and International Airports, Archerfield Airport and can include Amberley Airforce Base. On top of these airports, around Brisbane there are also helipads associated with hospitals throughout Brisbane city, Southbank, Woolloongabba and surrounds. These are less of a burden as they don’t operate as often as the airports, however to safely capture Brisbane aerial imagery and navigate the skies you need to be aware of them.

Prior planing is required to ensue we don’t fly in these zones and be a danger to manned aircraft. This doesn’t mean that we can’t fly. It means that we need to apply for an area approval from CASA to allow us in these areas, however these approvals are expensive even if they don’t get approved.

Brisbane is a great place to fly as we can capture some wonderful images of properties with the city scape or Moreton Bay in the background.
Don’t be deterred with the rules and regulations, it is up to us at Droneography to let you know what is possiblein order to capture amazing Brisbane aerial imagery for you.

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