Aerial Photography

Droneography aerial imagery photography

Aerial photography is becoming part of everyday life with the influx of UAV and Drones into our skies.

As with most types of photography, there is certain skills required to capture an image to be able to use for commercial purpose. Aerial photography is no different, in fact it is even harder.

Land based photographers can position themselves with a tripod and hang around all day for that one image when the light is just right.

Aerial photography requires the operator to be mindful of what is beneath their aircraft, what other ‘manned’ aircraft are in the area, birds that might find the aircraft offensive and not to mention battery life or wind.

Anyone can go and buy a camera and capture an image. The same when you think about drones.

What sets Droneography in a different realm is that we have the technical skill of a photographer and have gain additional knowledge and licenses for aerial photography. We know the airspace in which we are allowed to fly, the airspace in which approved are needed and the airspace that is a No Fly Zone.

You can trust that when we contract with you, the job will be done and the images provided are top class.