Aerial Construction Progress

With the amount of large construction happening today, aerial construction progress imagery is becoming far more effective for managing what is happening.

By utilising aerial imagery with a drone or quadcopter, you can easily mark a GPS location and take a still image today, tomorrow, next week or next month at ‘exactly’ the same location and settings.

Not only does this allow you to get some great images for social media or a marketing department, this allows you to reference any changes have that occurred.

If you ask around or read on the web, there have been sites where tens of thousands of dollars saved by picking up errors that you won’t capture from walking around.

Aerial construction progress helps you check up on:

  • Have you placed construction material too close to a work zone?
  • Has waterproofing not been layered thick enough?
  • Is there sheeting that has been missed up high out of reach?

All of these and more can be easily picked up with a quick flight once a week or month around your site.


Droneography Bridge aerial construction progress