Aerial Asset Inspection

With the increase to labour costs and insurances with the burden of OHS for high work, aerial asset inspection by drone is becoming the most effective method.

The use of a quadcopter / UAV / drone is becoming part of normal operating procedures for many companies including asset inspection. No longer do you need experienced rope licences, scaffolding or rigging just to inspect a roof, gutter, dam wall, telephone tower or solar panels.

Our craft come equipped with high definition (4K) video with live feed which is recorded onto the craft and a tablet. Still images can also be snapped from the controller on the ground or extracted from the recorded video.

The quadcopter is launched within minutes of reaching site and we can cover large areas in a short time. By the time your first team had setup we could have navigated the entire building and moved on to the next. From the live feed or recorded video on a tablet, we can scan back through the footage of the asset and take a second pass if required.

Uses of Aerial Asset Inspection

Some of the companies using asset inspection with a drone are inspecting:
• Roof damage or replacement
• Gutter inspections
• Solar panel installation (pre and post install)
• Pipeline inspections
• Sports stadium seating, walls and aerial lights
• Project productivity
• Insurance claim inspections
• Farm crop inspections
• Machinery

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